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Is Coaching Right for You?

Timing is everything.

I believe that the ideal window for coaching is during transitional moments in your career.

We audio engineers can be a challenging group of individuals. A significant portion of our work hinges on our ability to make timely decisions that we strongly believe in. We've developed this "muscle" to the level of a world-class Olympian. Unchecked, it doesn't leave much space for opposing viewpoints or thoughtful feedback.

However, the wonderful thing about transitions is that it challenges our previously held beliefs in order to reach a new destination. We find ourselves off balance, and this is when coaching can make the biggest impact.

Here are some examples. 

1. You are a volunteer at your church, your team appreciates you, so much so that you've been asked to take an official role on staff in a part-time or full-time capacity.


However, you're apprehensive about saying yes.

You know your church environment well, but you wish you knew more about industry standard practices and systems. Or, the opposite, what about joining a church staff is different than working for a production company?

Still, you also uniquely see the opportunities that could be accomplished with a little more care, time, and resources. You'd love to take on the challenge, but acknowledge a trusted guide would help your transition.

2. You've been engineering for several years... you have your console FULLY optimized.

There are No busses or IO left. 

Bored isn't the right word, it might be that you're wondering what it would take it to go to the next level. You've bought all the low hanging fruit widgets. Maybe a piece of outboard, plug-ins, Earthworks, and DPA microphones fill your equipment locker.


You're quietly embarrassed for wanting more when you already have so much. 


But outside of a new Quantum 338 and KSL rig, you're not sure what would be next? (I'm sort of kidding 👀) 


The idea of wiping your console file and starting over sounds appealing and terrifying all at once. But the real obstacles are the many downstream environments relying on established signal paths. You can't disrupt monitor mixes and routing to potentially make things better, or keep yourself challenged.


So where do you start, what can you do? What are you overlooking?

3. Your team loves the way you mix. You love mixing. But equipping people...Building teams? 


This is way outside of your comfort zone. You feel your best role is to continue as an engineer.

A mixer. It's your sweet spot, and you love it. 

But you also have that tug on your heart to lead others. Maybe theres a high school kid hanging around FOH and you see the same quiet interest you once had when you started. You've thought about teaching the kid "over under" but got too busy and forgot about it.

Leading and recruiting volunteers is not something you have a lot of experience with, but you could see how growing a bigger team would help your church and provide a place for more of your church members to get involved. 

Especially in light of the multiple "venues" on campus and the growing mid-week gatherings your church supports.

But you also don't want to give up "your seat".

Your current workweek is consistently well over 40 hours/week.

How do you respond to your leadership's directive to equip others?

4. You are the best engineer at your church and you've consumed enough Audio related YouTube videos for one life time.

You need real feedback... and not from your supportive Worship Pastor, Musician Team, or Spouse.

You need a fellow colleague.

You've put into practice some really complex console tricks like multi-buss processing or tinkered with various sub-array deployments. 

You're adding things to your weekly console file because you can, not because you should, or anyone is asking for it. 

And very few people have noticed. Maybe nobody noticed...

You're looking for new opportunities outside of your church. Not because you don't love the community you're in, but because you feel like you've hit a ceiling. And slowly, you are noticing small signs of discontentment.

It's subtle. 

So what's next? 

How do you hit the rest button without leaving your job?

How do you find the next season of inspiration?

*Information about coaching paths, cost, and time commitment are easy to send if you're interested.


That being said...

Not everyone needs a coaching relationship in an official capacity. 

Sometimes we just need a quick phone call or email exchange. 

You also might be better served by a colleague or need a referral to a trusted AVL Partner.

I'm happy to connect the dots. 

As someone who has experienced the generosity of a timely conversation many times over, 

please feel free to reach out.


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