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FILO 2023

This year I was invited to speak at FILO Conference for an audio breakout session. 

In the spirit of doing new things that terrify you, getting up on stage with a microphone and keynote slides was right up there for me. 

Despite my speaking jitters, I walked away from the experience grateful for Todd and his team for what they’ve built for our community. 

The session was "How to build Bridges with your Musician Community". I wanted to share how we can all build relationships through preparation and share some some "no cost" methods on how I do that with the people work with.

FILO Audio Session AMay 2nd, 2023
00:00 / 34:06
Q&A SessionMay 2nd, 2023
00:00 / 22:46

Speaking Engagements

Despite it being way out of my comfort zone, I speak a few times a year. I'm able to speak about live production strategy, provide career advice to students, and discuss systems on how to best train engineers with no previous experience. Some of my "team night" style gatherings involve a hands-on training component and Q&A.


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