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My Church History


In the early '70s my Grandfather pastored the first Korean Church in Southern California. For as long as I can remember he had a backyard garden shed that was converted into a space to pray. Growing up he'd tell me that one of his daily prayers was for me to become a pastor. Despite having several pastors and missionaries in the family, every year I would definitively tell him that my life would never head down this path, and every year he would just smile in return.


In 2006, I told him that I joined my first church staff at North Coast Calvary Chapel. A few years later I was hired by the Rock Church in San Diego. Despite my inexperience, I was fortunate to have been part of a team that launched 4 multisite campuses, a weekly television program, and an online streaming service. With over 30,000 weekly attendees it was beyond anything I had ever been a part of. The lessons I learned and the relationships built during that time continues to inform much of what I do.

While I don't think my Grandpa ever really knew what an Audio Engineer was, for him, hearing that I was in ministry was all that he needed to hear. I still remember him making jokes about Jonah and a big fish.

Every year I'd tell him a little bit more about my work, and the ties it had to serving the local church. Though I never became a pastor, I think it was enough for him to know how far his prayers actually went.

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